Asset Protection

After reading weekly accounts in legal newspapers of ridiculous lawsuits, attorney Mark Warda was convinced that he needed to research asset protection before he became another victim of a legal systemn run amok.

He spent over a year researching every type of asset protection offered, the most research he had ever done on any topic in his career. Besides researching American law he visited the Carribean, Switzerland and the U. K. to learn about the accounts that they offered to investors. This book is an analysis of everything he learned and a summary of what he found to work best. This is the second edition.


Complete Guide to Asset Protection Strategies

Mark Warda, Attorney at Law

This book explains in simple language all of the types of asset protection strategies available. These range from the strongest available to the least effective and from the legal to the illegal. Every plan on the market, from setting up LLCs and offshore trusts to putting gold faucets in your homestead and burying your money in the yard are discussed and evaluated as to effectiveness.

256 pages


Table of Contents

Part One - Overview of Asset Protection Planning
Chapter 1 The Liability Crisis
Chapter 2 The Risks We Face
Chapter 3 What You Can Do to Protect Yourself
Chapter 4 What You Cannot Do to Protect Yourself
Chapter 5 Understanding the Asset Seizure System
Chapter 6 The 5 Most Important Rules of Asset Protection
Chapter 7 The Costs of Asset Protection

Part Two - Shielding Yourself Against Claims
Chapter 8 Avoid Unnecessary Risks
Chapter 9 Get Enough Insurance
Chapter 10 Use Separate Legal Entities
Chapter 11 Carefully Word Your Contracts
Chapter 12 Insulate Yourself from Transactions
Chapter 13 Clean Your Financial Statement
Chapter 14 Protect Your Privacy

Part Three - Protecting Property in Your Name
Chapter 15 How Exemptions Work
Chapter 16 State Shopping
Chapter 17 Equity Stripping
Chapter 18 Future Acquisitions
Chapter 19 Homestead
Chapter 20 Tenancy by the Entireties
Chapter 21 Pensions and Retirement Accounts
Chapter 22 Wages
Chapter 23 Life Insurance
Chapter 24 Annuities
Chapter 25 Tools of Trade
Chapter 26 Personal Property
Chapter 27 Alimony and Child Support
Chapter 28 Public Benefits
Chapter 29 Other Exemptions

Part Four - Taking Property Out of Your Name
Chapter 30 Shifting Property: What's Legal/What's Not
Chapter 31 Making Gifts
Chapter 32 Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 33 General Partnerships
Chapter 34 Limited Partnerships
Chapter 35 Living Trusts
Chapter 36 Children's Trusts
Chapter 37 Charitable Remainder Trusts
Chapter 38 Domestic Asset Protection Trusts
Chapter 39 Offshore Asset Protection Trusts
Chapter 40 Business Trusts
Chapter 41 Nonprofit Corporations & Foundations

Part Five - When Disaster Strikes
Chapter 42 The Rules Change
Chapter 43 Attempting to Settle
Chapter 44 Bankruptcy
Chapter 45 Hiding Your Assets
Chapter 46 Hiding Yourself
Chapter 47 Enjoying Your Assets

Part Six - Your Immediate Action Plan
Chapter 48 Evaluate Your Exposure
Chapter 49 Get an Exemption Analysis
Chapter 50 Set up Your Plan
Chapter 51 A Final Word

Appendix A State by State Exemption Summaries
Appendix B Forms
Form 1 Addendum to Contract-Arbitration
Form 2 Employment Contract - 1
Form 3 Employment Contract - 2
Form 4 IRS Form SS-8 and instructions
Form 5 Tenancy by the Entireties Assignment 1
Form 6 Tenancy by the Entireties Assignment 2
Form 7 State Law Worksheet


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