Lease Options

This easy-to-read how-to guide explains how real estate investors can use lease options to increase their profits and lower their risk, their expenses and their aggravation with rentals. Strategies include both buying and selling on lease options, and using land trusts to make them safer.

Written by an investor and an attorney each with over a quarter-century of experience, it provides several strategies and 35 ready-to-use forms.

 The best lease option book I've read, and I've read them all.-- D. C., real estate investor


Secrets of Lease Option Profits - 2nd Edition 2007

Mark Warda, Attorney at Law, and Jack Shea, Real Estate Investor


182 pages $34.95


Table of Contents

Introduction to Options

Part One - Buying Property Using a Lease Purchase
Chapter 1 Reasons to Buy with a Lease Purchase
Chapter 2 Tax Benefits of Lease Purchases
Chapter 3 Sources for Properties
Chapter 4 How to Prospect for Properties
Chapter 5 How to Negotiate a Lease Purchase
Chapter 6 How to Close the Lease Purchase
Chapter 7 How to Exercise the Option
Chapter 8 Legal Issues with Options

Part Two - Selling Property Using Lease Options
Chapter 9 Reasons to Sell with a Lease Option
Chapter 10 How to Find and Screen Tenants
Chapter 11 How to Negotiate a Lease Option
Chapter 12 How to Deal with Your Tenant/Optionee
Chapter 13 How to Handle a Default
Chapter 14 How to Close the Sale
Chapter 15 Landlord Tenant Legal Issues

Part Three - Selling Property Using Contract for the
Beneficial Interest and Other Creative Strategies

Chapter 16 Contract for the Beneficial Interest
Chapter 17 Other Creative Option Strategies

Appendix A Forms for Buying on Lease Purchase
Appendix B Forms for Selling on Lease Option
Appendix C Forms for CBI & Other Option Strategies
Appendix D Investor Resources

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