Land Trust Books

The land trust is an amazing device known to very few Americans, which provides privacy, profits and many other benefits to property owners who know how to use it. A goal of Galt Press is to bring land trusts to the masses. Our national land trust book explains how land trusts can (or cannot) work in each of the 50 states and our Florida land trust book explains the use of land trusts in Florida in detail.

Land Trusts for Privacy & Profit - 3rd Edition 2009

By Mark Warda, Attorney at Law

This book explains the benefits and uses of land trusts and includes a reference to relevant law in all fifty states. Not all states allow a pure land trust, but most states can use some variety of land trust. The book provides statutes or case law for all 50 states and includes numerous forms. For the Table of Contents, click here.



The forms alone are available on a CD for $14.95 if bought with the book or $19.95 if purchased without the book. (You should not attempt to use the forms without reading the book.)

Land Trusts in Florida - 8th Edition

By Mark Warda, Attorney at Law

This book explains the benefits and uses of land trusts in Florida. It explains how to set up and operate a land trust, including financing and buying and selling properties. It covers litigation and relevant tax laws and includes all important Florida case law. The book includes numerous forms, which are included on a CR-ROM as well as in the book.


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